5 Digital Technology Clusters

The new concept of research objective proposed in DIGIMAN 4.0 is to identify the requirements for each manufacturing process chain defined in each ESR project and the application of selected digital manufacturing technologies that can bring the process chain to a zero-defect Industry 4.0 pilot production.

To establish the digital process chain and to validate it with the zero-defect Industry 4.0 pilot production, a selection of the following digital manufacturing technologies is applied in each of the 15 different ESRs project: Additive Manufacturing (AM), Augmented Reality (AR), BigData, Autonomous Robots, Simulation, System Integration, Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, Cloud Technology.

The digital technologies and the corresponding ESR projects are grouped in 5 Technology Clusters

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Big Data analysis and Simulation
  • Quality Control 4.0
  • Digital Technologies for Supply Chains
  • Autonomous Cobots