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DIGIMAN4.0 publications:


"Metal Additive Manufacturing of Multi-Material Dental Strut Implants", M. Kain, V. K. Nadimpalli, A. Miqueo, M. C. May, J. A. Yagüe-Fabra, B. Häfner, D. B. Pedersen, M. Calaon & G. Tosello

"Dimensional Evaluation of Additive Manufactured Polymer Extrusion Dies Produced by Continuous Liquid Interface Production", A. Turazza, A. Davoudinejad, M. Calaon, D. B. Pedersen & G. Tosello

"Digital Production and Intelligent Production Control", M. C. May, A. Kuhnle & G. Lanza

"Towards the integration of additively manufactured photopolymer dies in the polymer profile extrusion process chain", A. Turazza, A. Davoudinejad, D. B. Pedersen, M. Calaon & G. Tosello

"Foresighted Digital Twin for situational Agent Selection in Production Control",  M. C. May, L. Overbeck, M. Wurster, A. Kuhnle & G. Lanza