Objectives - The main objective of this Work package is to disseminate and exploit the project foregrounds, through diffusion activities, developing of exploitation plans and patenting or protecting of several new concepts developed in the project. Within the Consortium, assistance will be provided to all ESRs regarding valorisation activities with industrial partners, IPR, dissemination activities to both the scientific community and the society.

Description of Work and Role of Partners

Task 6.1 Scientific dissemination at DIGIMAN 4.0 industrial partners (Lead: UNIPI, Participants: DTU, KIT, UNIZAR, TEK, POLIMI, UNIPI, (ALL PARTICIPANT ORGANIZATIONS))

All ESR will hold technical/scientific internal seminars quarterly at their respective industrial host partners.

Task 6.2 Public outreach dissemination (Lead: KIT, Participants: DTU, KIT, UNIZAR, TEK, POLIMI, UNIPI, (ALL PARTICIPANT ORGANIZATIONS))

Dissemination of DIGIMAN 4.0 results to the general public, young students and professional community by means of DIGIMAN 4.0 website, DIGIMAN 4.0 LinkedIn profile, YouTube videos, large open lectures, participation to the European Researchers Night, and organization of ‘Open Doors Day’ event at DIGIMAN 4.0 academic institutions targeting high-school students to foster interest in technology, production engineering and micro manufacturing.

Task 6.3 Scientific dissemination (Lead: POLIMI, Participants: DTU, KIT, UNIZAR, TEK, POLIMI, UNIPI)

Dissemination of DIGIMAN 4.0 ESR projects results by presentation at scientific conferences and publication on international peer-reviewed journals (see Table 1.2b and Table 2.1a). Preparation of the DIGIMAN 4.0 digital manufacturing handbook “DIGIMAN 4.0 – Digital Manufacturing Process Chains”.

Interactive scientific dissemination will be achieved by pursuing publications in the Journal of Visualized Experiments - JoVE Applied Physics where peer-reviewed scientific articles are published along with videos of the methods applied in the research.

Task 6.4 Protection of DIGIMAN 4.0 foregrounds and Analysis of Potential Technology Transfer (Lead: TEK, Participants: DTU, KIT, UNIZAR, TEK, POLIMI, UNIPI, (ALL PARTICIPANT ORGANIZATIONS))

The DIGIMAN 4.0 consortium will protect any commercially significant innovations by patents where found relevant. Any foregrounds, which might give the European Union a competitive advantage, will be protected/patented as soon as possible. Suitable rules for dissemination approval will be established to avoid any disclosure of confidential information. Scientific and technical advances achieved throughout the DIGIMAN 4.0 ESR projects by the Industrial and Academic partners will be monitored and analysed in order to apply them (totally or partially) in future research lines, other applications and industrial sectors.