Objectives - Definition of detailed specifications related to the precision manufacturing processes, the target product applications, and the digital technologies capability required. The contributors to WP1 are the industrial partners of the project. WP1 will enable to set precise objectives and targets for the corresponding ESR projects and their research work in WP2, WP3, WP4.  The ESR will join WP1 at DIGIMAN 4.0 project at M7 in order to become familiar with the specifications and align industrial requirements and ESR projects research goals. All ESR contribute to WP1, in close collaboration with their specified industrial partners.

Description of Work and Role of Partners

Task 1.1 Process/products specifications (Lead: UNIZAR, Participants: ALL)

Definition of detailed specifications related to the precision  manufacturing processes and the target product applications in terms of process capabilities, dimensional/geometrical/surface tolerances and productivity. The list of precision manufacturing processes and the related product applications is given in the ESR projects description in Section 1.1.2.

Task 1.2 Digital manufacturing technologies selection and development plan (Lead: DTU, Participants: ALL)

Definition of detailed specifications related to digital manufacturing technologies and their development necessary for the intended product applications. The list of the main digital processes technologies of the DIGIMAN 4.0 process chains is defined for each ESR project and includes: (A) core digital manufacturing technology; (B) complementary digital manufacturing technologies; (C) key-enabling digital technologies (see Table 1.1a).

Task 1.3 Digital Manufacturing Process Chain Design (Lead: POLIMI, Participants: ALL)

Definition of detailed requirements related to integration of digital manufacturing technologies with precision manufacturing processes into zero-defect digital manufacturing process chains for the selected applications based on input from Task 1.1 and Task 1.2.